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How do I buy a child ticket?

On Aviasales you can buy child tickets alongside adult tickets. Select a passenger category on the main page, where you select your destination and travel dates. When you search for tickets, you’ll see the overall price for all passengers, including children.

Do infants need a ticket

Infants under the age of 2 traveling domestically on your lap don’t require a ticket and can fly free of charge with most airlines. However, you must warn the airline that you’re going to fly with a baby. You can add your baby to the ticket after booking it by contacting the seller.
Airlines also have a rule that only one infant without a seat can fly per adult. If you’re flying alone with two infants, you’ll need to buy a child ticket with a separate seat for one of them.

I already bought my ticket. How do I add a child to it?

If you want to add a child to your booking, you’ll need to contact the seller you bought your ticket through. You can find their name on the ticket.
How to contact the ticket seller
Enter the name of the airline or agency to view their contact details
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